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Full-time Traveler

I travel full time and live in a RV. I’m lucky to call America’s wild forests my backyard. Plants feature strongly in all of my journeys; instead of walking city streets, you most likely will find me with my camera in a garden, meadow, or swamp. My work explores unique ecosystems and gardens across the United States and abroad.

If you have a garden, park, or wild space that you’d like photographed, feel free to contact me about your idea or project. I welcome collaboration and the opportunity to capture the beauty of other’s work. I’m willing to travel and accept commissions for projects across the United States.

Not sure where I’m currently located? Check out the map to the right.

My Current Location
2019 Travel Plans

In 2019, I’m spending a lot of time in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and neighboring states. After that, I’ll be heading back west. If you happen to be in those areas and would like to chat plants, reach out and let me know!

January – March

Arizona and New Mexico

April – July

Ohio and Pennsylvania

August – October

Michigan, Montana, Utah, and Wyoming


Utah, Texas, Louisiana



About Cultivated & Wild

Created by Ashley Rebecca Moore, Cultivated and Wild is a collection of photographs and stories that feature the wonders of the botanical world.

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