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About Ashley Rebecca Moore
I’m a photographer with a passion for the botanical world. Nothing invigorates my spirit or makes my heart race like plants do. Nature offers incomparable wonder and beauty. From skunk cabbages emerging through the snow to carnivorous pitcher plants devouring insects, plants are amazing in their abilities.
While I’ve always enjoyed the outdoors, my passion for horticulture began later in life. I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography in 2007; at that time, my work focused on documentary storytelling. After graduating, I put photography on the back burner for many years as I pursued a career in B2B marketing communications.
During this time, my love of plants and gardening blossomed. Gardening provided a creative outlet and I found nurturing plants from seed to maturity immensely gratifying. Most of my free time was spent in the garden or with my head buried in gardening books.
At the same time that my love of gardening grew, it also reinvigorated my love of photography. How could I not capture the beauty that I was cultivating? Almost 10 years later, plants have led me back to photography and are the primary focus of my work.
About The Cultivated and Wild

The Cultivated and Wild is a place for me to share the treasures of the natural world with you; from public gardens to expansive mountain meadows. Here, I’ll share photographs, stories, and travel advice so you can experience them too.

I’m an avid traveler and plants feature strongly in all my journeys. Instead of walking city streets, you will find me with my camera in the garden, meadow, or swamp.

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About the Cultivated & Wild
Created by Ashley Rebecca Moore, the Cultivated and Wild is a collection of photographs and stories that feature the wonders of the botanical world.
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